Makeup Removers Calling Out For Reviews

Hi Girls,

So it’s been really long since I reviewed a makeup remover on the blog and this calls for review of makeup removers that I have been using lately. There are 4 makeup removers that are with me that haven’t been reviewed yet and I have used 3 out of them. Let’s move on to their short reviews as for now..Makeup Removers Calling Out For ReviewsStreet Wear Makeup Remover:

Price: Rs. 120 for 50 gMakeup Removers Calling Out For ReviewsThe cheapest of all, it does a decent job in removing makeup. It is a cream based remover so I either massage it on my skin and then use a cotton pad or I just directly swipe the remover with cotton on my face when I’m feeling lazy. Massaging this remover gives more good result and it leaves skin more clean as it melts makeup nicely and then you see your cotton pad full of vibrant colors of your makeup. :-D

Oriflame All-Over Makeup Remover:

Price: Rs. 349 for 100 ml

This is my most used makeup remover out of all these removers. It removes makeup decently, takes a bit of time to remove the makeup completely like some extra swipes to remove the eye makeup which I don’t mind but it stings eyes a bit, not much but yeah it does sting a bit and that could be a con for lens wearer and for the ones with eye problems. It leaves skin clean and makeup free!

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover:

Price: Rs. 349 for 162 ml

I bought this makeup remover recently in my haul from Chandigarh so I haven’t used it yet! It says eye makeup remover in its tag line though it mentions that it leaves skin feeling clean and fresh and that it soothe skin so I’m sure it can be used on full face. Let me try it out and then come to a conclusion on this remover. As for what I have heard about this remover on Youtube, it’s amazing in removing makeup even the waterproof one.Makeup Removers Calling Out For ReviewsColoressence Makeup Remover: 

Price: Rs. 245 for 200 ml

I have used this makeup remover 5-6 times and I feel that it is not that good in removing eye makeup, plus it leaves skin so chipchip that I don’t feel like using it much. I have to take a cotton pad immediately and wipe that greasy residue or I look like an oil factory. Maybe it has high contents of mineral oil in it, that could be the reason but thankfully it didn’t break me out.Makeup Removers Calling Out For ReviewsMakeup Removers Calling Out For ReviewsThat’s it for the mini reviews of these makeup removers, hope you find it helpful. Let me know in the comments which makeup remover review you would like to see first.

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43 Responses to “Makeup Removers Calling Out For Reviews”

  1. Vipra S says:

    Great compilation Dear :) .. I would love to try the Oriflame one .. The street wear looked promising but the cream based is a concern for my skin type.

  2. I love using Neutrogena products. Definitely going to try it.

  3. mily says:

    I have tried the streetwear is okayish…i amusing the TBS white Shiso cleansing oil these is fab!!!

  4. Hey would love to try the one from Neutrogena!
    Awaiting for reviews:)

  5. Megha says:

    Oriflame sounds really good! Currently i am using Lakme bi phased remover. Its really good!

  6. sindhu says:

    Please review the oriflame one. Looks very promising… :-)

  7. Charu Sharma says:

    Thanks doll for the brief review! I think I would go for neutrogena! :)

  8. laks says:

    lovely compilation. have tried Oriflme’s . want to pick neutrogena neext :D

  9. tarry says:

    These mini reviews are quite exciting arzoo….
    eagerly waiting for the neutrogena one <3 <3

  10. Hetal says:

    Much needed post as I am about to finish my make-up remover.
    I am using Oriflame one, but has it is lil oily and I feel eye burn when I apply it to remove eye-makeup, I am thinking about trying some new brand.

    Now after reading your post, I am leaning towards Neutrogena.
    Gonna buy it.
    Thanks huney for short and to the point review, I really like it :)

  11. krupa says:

    4 in one reviews. I have been wanting to try the Neutrogena one.

  12. I usually go and pick Maybelline..Will venture into something else next time..

  13. Anubhuti says:

    i have used oriflame one and like it.. now streetwear should be my pick this winters.. thanks for the reviews dear :)

  14. Thanks for the mini reviews babe :d I think i will skip oriflame for sure .I dont know why there products sting. I had used a toner..That was also a fail for this reason :( Waiting on your detailed reviews though :*

  15. Naomi Ganzu says:

    I really like Nuetrogena and that is the one i am currently using!
    Feel free to leave your blog link on my blog :D
    :-D :-D

  16. Esha says:

    I haven’t tried any of these, using one from H2O Plus and loving it. :)

  17. Krithi says:

    I use Neutrogena one and quiet like it :)

  18. Lovely pics :) You sure wont run out of makeup removers anytime soon hun ;) TFS the mini reviews <3 <3

  19. nausheen says:

    Nice compilation dear, i have never tried diffrent makeup removers…from years i have been stuck to my maybbline makeup remover:d

  20. sindhu says:

    I have tried the coloressence one and as you said it was kinda average. Now I am sticking to coconut oil :) heard that bioderma one is like a water and removes all traces of makeup.

  21. Vaishu says:

    Sounds great… nice review… but wat is that pink color thing with a blue disney princess cindrella i think? Its cute…

  22. You have quite a lott of Removers… ;) .. I would love to try Oriflame one ;) :D

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