Makeup Products I Finished Using!

Makeup Products I Finished Using!
It happens very rare with me that I ever finish using a makeup product and it might be happening for the first time with me that I finished using some makeup products, that’s because I have been using a lot of makeup ever since I got married. And that’s when I finished using these makeup products which I haven’t even reviewed on the blog yet except one! But don’t worry, I have written the reviews, only pics has to be clicked and few editing is to be done! Now moving on to what makeup products I finished using this Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer:

It was my most used concealer and I used to use it everytime I would do my makeup. I loved the way it used to highlight and brighten up my whole face. I used to use it on the bridge of my nose, on my brow bone, on my cheek bones and on the cupid bow of my lips. I loved how it used to brighten up my whole face and give my face a perfect highlighting effect. Though this shade was a bit light for me but I still continued using it and absolutely love it! Planning to buy another tube of this concealer if I don’t find any other good highlighter preferably without shimmers. Price: Rs. 475 for 1.5 ml

Deborah Milano Age Reset Concealer:

This is also one of the good concealers I have tried, now you know why I finished using these products! Simple, coz I loved these products and mostly ended up using them. It’s available in 4 shades- fair, rose, beige and peach. This concealer was in the shade 4 peach which had peachy undertones to it, it used to hide my acne marks so well that despite using any other concealer on my marks and under eye circles, I always used to finish my base by touching up with this concealer. It’s texture was so smooth and it blended really well, it comes in a twistable tube with a sponge tip applicator, you have to twist the bottom and the product comes out at the top on the sponge applicator. Though it’s very convenient but I feel such concealers are not good from hygiene point of view and you can easily get prone to allergies and reactions since you can not wash them often or else the water will go inside the tube messing up the whole product. The correct way to use such concealers is to get the product out on clean hands and not directly onto your face which can lengthen its shelf life. I used to use it by taking it out on my hands but sometimes when I used to feel lazy, I used to just swipe it directly on my skin knowing that it could cause me allergic reactions :/ Coming to its effects, it really brightens up the under eye area, doesn’t settle in fine lines and cancels out all the discolouration since peach cancels out dark areas. Sorry, no review on it, since I don’t have any product left in the tube! Price: 660 for 5 Zoom and Whoosh Mascara:

Isn’t the name of this mascara quite cool? This mascara doesn’t give me those lengthy volumised lashes but yeah it performed quite well, it used to get a lil dry on applying it twice and I couldn’t notice great results with one application so it was kind of messy. It gets dry really quick means in the tube and that’s what I didn’t like about it, I finished it up coz it got really dry and I couldn’t use it more. It’s a decent mascara, I kind of had a love-hate relationship with it! It’s key features are that it’s water proof and that it comes with two different wands a thin one and a thick one so you can use any as per your preference. Price: Rs. 650 for 9 ml.

Oriflame Volume Build Mascara:

This mascara, I absolutely loved it! It was my most used mascara and I also featured it in my post- my most used products. It doesn’t clump, glides on smoothly on lashes and just one or two swipe is enough to give lengthy volumised lashes. It lasted me really long! Price: Rs. 449 for 8 makeup products did you finished using this month? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Finishing up make up is a great achievement. Honestly I dream when I finish off some make up! I have never tried oriflame but I picked up the colorbar mascara recently.

  2. i havent tried any of these arzoo but I plan to..except maybeline concealer..I remember i walked upto maybelline’s counter and swatched looked so ashy on my skin tone

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