Lotus Herbals Professional Toner Review

Lotus Herbals Professional Toner Review   
Hello Prettiest!!!

I have already reviewed the Lotus Herbals Professional Cleanser and now it’s time for the review on the toner from this range. I am very consistent about my CTM routine and I always follow my cleanser with a toner no matter how tired I am. Please don’t mind the pics as the bottle is really destroyed, it has been really long since I bought this toner. Now let’s move on to know more about how this toner worked for my dry skin..

Lotus Herbals Professional Toner

Price: 335 for 250 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Skin Type: Normal to Dry Skin

Product Description:

Technique: After cleansing the skin with Hydravitals Milk Enzymes & Turmeric Moisturizing Cleanser use cold steam and refresh skin with Hydravitals Refreshing Toner.

Active Ingredients:

Rose Water, Tulsi Extract, Cucumber Extract, Vetivert Extract.

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Professional Toner:

This toner comes in a green colored bottle, same as all the products from this range. It has a yellow screw cap and a hole on the top for the toner to come out. The bottle is not at all travel friendly, I think every product from this range is quite large except the mask and they can’t be carried anywhere. When I bought this toner, it had a slight crack on its cap but that didn’t bother me much and I didn’t face any issue with the bottle but then this bottle was lying on the table and my stupid brother pulled it even more and cracked the whole cap. I took the roop of a devil and got after him, threshed him and told papa to do the same. He is like this only, I don’t know why he’s after my products to destroy them, he destroyed my two lip balms the same way. :cry: Coming back to the toner, it is a clear pink liquid and smells of roses.

Lotus Herbals Professional Toner

Lotus Herbals Professional TonerAlthough the full ingredient list is missing but I feel this toner is non-alcoholic as it does not evaporate from the bottle or gets dry on application. It moisturizes my skin and helps the moisturizer to absorb better. I use it with a cotton ball and wipe my face with it, even though cleansing seems to remove all dirt from my face, I still see my cotton ball getting dark when I use this toner, this means it removes every trace of makeup and dirt and leaves the skin fresh and clean.

Pros of Lotus Herbals Professional Toner:

  • Mild enough for everyday use.
  • Does not burn the skin on application.
  • Lasts long.
  • Refreshes the skin.
  • Helps better absorption of moisturizer.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Takes cleansing step to a next level, even though cleanser seems to remove all makeup and dirt but when using this toner, even more dirt is visible on the cotton ball.
  • Does not contain alcohol so good for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Didn’t break me out.
  • Has good active ingredients which works good in a toner.

Cons Lotus Herbals Professional Toner:

  • Expensive but the bottle lasts long.
  • Full ingredient list missing.
  • Not a travel friendly packaging.

Rating: 4.8/5

Do I Recommend it:

A big yes, you should try it once and see what all it does for you.

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39 Responses to “Lotus Herbals Professional Toner Review”

  1. rachna says:

    I am definitely trying this once im back to india!

  2. Active ingredients seem very promising…I would love to try this once I am done with my current toner…And Brothers!!! I have a younger one too…And ask me!!! :-P

  3. Asmitha says:

    Never tried from lotus professional range..Good review will try this soon. :-)

  4. Richa Saxena says:

    Lovely review Arzoo! This seems to be really a promising toner….
    I need to get a new one…maybe will give this one a try :)

  5. subha says:

    looks like a good toner, It has been long since I have tried lotus products.

  6. Preeti Kaur says:

    I am yet to try any product from this range. This one sounds promising. Might try :)

  7. Arpita♥ says:

    Thank you for the review :D Going to get this soon :D :D Have been searching for a great toner since a long time…

  8. Megha says:

    Looks like a great toner. I am currently loving faces Calming toner :)

  9. Aditi says:

    Would love to try this..I dunno how I never came across this one!
    Waiting for the current one to finish sooooon :)

  10. Raji says:

    Nice review dear.. would love to try the product

  11. Dhara says:

    I haven’t seen this range in the store I generally go to or may be I never paid attention…thanks for introducing me to a new range of professional products :) #BSP

  12. Ray says:

    I lik Lotus professional produts :) My beautician is a big fan of their products :)

  13. Esha says:

    I love Lotus products, currently using basiltone :)

  14. Divya Pandey says:

    I have also heard nice things abt this toner, my colleague use it and she buys this only … :) #BSP

  15. Divya says:

    I would love to try this one day… somehow I never crossed this product back in India… Sad :(

  16. Aditi says:

    Seems nice. Might pick it up soon!

  17. I’m too lazy for toners, I just usually take plain rose water if I really feel like doing the CTM :)

  18. ty for nice review n all broz are same lol :silly:

  19. Anubhooti says:

    will definitely try this :)

  20. priyanka bhowmick says:

    thank you for your review.actually i want to purchase the fruit seed exfoliator but from where shoul i get the professional products?

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