Innisfree Products Haul

Innisfree products haul
Hi Girls,

You all might be aware that yesterday I was away from my blog for the whole day, the reason was that I went shopping and didn’t get a single minute of time to check out my blog. I shopped the whole day and bought lots of products but for now I’ll be sharing only my Innisfree products haul.

Innisfree Products Haul

I went to the store and there were two girls who were very polite and kind and had a sweet gesture towards me. Both of them welcomed me really sweetly but sorry couldn’t take the clicks as I was dead tired and didn’t have the energy to be a photographer at that moment. :smirk: At the end when I finished choosing products for myself, they asked me to be a member, I said okay, I’d love to be and filled out the form they gave me to fill. Didn’t know at that moment, what was that membership form was for but after coming back home and reading the benefits that membership card offers, I got really excited. It has tons of benefits and I’m planning to visit the store again soon.

Innisfree It’s Real Sheet Mask:

I addressed my dry skin issue to them so one of them suggested me these sheet masks and I picked four of them looking at the interesting main ingredient. I’m so excited to try these masks and there were also offers on them like buy 7 and you’ll get 3 free but I thought let me try these first and if it turns out good, I’d visit the store again to buy more of these sheet masks.

Innisfree Products Haul
Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack:

This pack is for tightening pores, it’s like a mud pack. Haven’t used it yet so can’t say what exactly it is. They had packs for all skin issues. I’m now cursing myself, I wish I would have picked up more. Not reaching to a conclusion now, let me use this first and then I would think of buying more.

Innisfree Products Haul

Innisfree Olive Real Lotion:

This lotion is for dry skin and the girl even showed me the swatches of this lotion on my hands, it’s very moisturizing and gets absorbed really fast. So without thinking twice, I picked it up at once.

Innisfree Products Haul

Innisfree Olive Real Body Care Kit:

This was given to me free for being a member of the Innisfree store :evilgrin: Hurrayy, what more would I want being a product lover. :yes:

Innisfree Products Haul

Innisfree Camellia Cream Rinse:

This is conditioner and I got sample sizes as the bottle was too big and I would never end up finish using it. This also I got for free.

Innisfree Products Haul

These are some sample sized products I got with my membership card, it’s a kit of few¬†products.

Innisfree Products HaulInnisfree Store Location:

It’s located in Khan Market, New Delhi.

That’s all in my Innisfree products haul, I¬†think you all must visit it once and check out the exciting range of products they have. They even have makeup products like BB cream, nail paints, lipsticks and all. So for all makeup and beauty product lovers, it’s worth a visit. Reviews will be up in a few days so stay tuned.

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  1. I badly want to try Innisfree :'( :'(
    I am even planning to visit Delhi, only for this :-O !!! Somebody please make this available online :'( :-? :-(

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