How to Take Care of Lips

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Lips are the thinnest part of our skin. It is in fact 4 times thinner compared to the skin on our face. Lips tend to get more dry than the rest of our skin because lips do not have oil glands in them i.e they cannot naturally produce oil so we really have to take care of our lips in order to maintain the moisture levels in them!                                                                                                                     chapped-lips-sugar

The following tips will get you extra soft and pink lips. Try one of these regularly for few days to see the effects and you’ll be amazed by the results!

1. Put some clarified butter or ghee before going to bed every night or put a cotton pad in warm ghee and place it on your lips for few minutes. This will make your lips soft and smooth!

2. Rub some aloe vera gel on your lips to make them soft and to remove pigmentation from your lips.

3. In order to maintain lips’ natural beauty, rub lemon juice on your lips daily!

4. Crush rose petals with your hand and rub it on your lips. Doing this will give natural colour to your lips.

5. Apply some juice squeezed out of grated cucumber on your lips. This will lighten your lips as well as will make them soft.

6. Wear a lipbalm daily! Wearing lipbalm on a daily basis will prevent your lips from many environmental damage.

7. Rub some vaseline on your lips and use a soft toothbrush to scrub away dead skin cells! This will make your lips soft and smooth! You can do this every night and then use your favourite lip balm, vaseline or just plain ghee.

8. Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day. I follow this tip consistently, the reason being that not drinking enough water can lead to dry and chapped lips!

TIP- Don’t drink through a straw or a bottle, the constant pressure on your lips can lead to wrinkling of your lips!

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  1. This article made me go gaga as i was searching for effective remedies that could soften my lips especially in the winters as winter is on it’s way..

  2. thanks a lot for the tips.i have extremely dry lips. applying lip balms all through the day has not helped me much. will try out the other things you have suggested. thank you so much :)

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