Amrita Rao’s Beauty & Health Secrets: What She Do To Stay Beautiful

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Amrita Rao’s Beauty & Health Secrets

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7 Juice Recipes For a Healthy Lifestyle

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Juicing is a great way to add nutrients from the fruits or vegetables that you normally wouldn’t eat. Nutritionist says that juicing is better than eating whole fruits and vegetables because our body can absorb the nutrients better. I’m not encouraging you all in any way to stop eating fruits and have only juices but what I mean is, have juices twice or thrice a week to improve your digestion and metabolism. If you have a good digestion, all your problems will be half solved. Let’s move onto some juice recipes for a healthy lifestyle…

Juice Recipes

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Benefits of Lemon Juice

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I am a regular drinker of lemon juice. I love to drink lemon juice & I have it early morning on an empty stomach with a lukewarm glass of water. I feel it detoxifies my system and keeps it going. I also love to squeeze lemon juice on my dishes which makes my dish super delicious. There are many benefits of lemon juice of which I will be covering just a few I have in my knowledge.

Lemons are abundant in vitamin C. They are also a very good source of potassium, calcium, fiber, and vitamin B6. Also present in lemons are iron, magnesium, riboflavin and thiamin. Lemons are low in saturated fat and very low in sodium and cholesterol. So all these nutrition facts make this easily available and super cheap fruit must to include in everyone’s diet.  :yes:

Benefits of Lemon Juice

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5 Essential Nutritious Elements

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We all need some healthy elements daily to get going (in the sense for the proper functioning of all our organs). But these five essential elements are very important to be included in everyone’s diet because most of our diet lacks these elements. If we don’t get these five nutritious elements in our diet then our body may not function properly, our body may show the adverse effects in some way or the other. Like I was suffering from irritable bowel movement until I up my fibre intake and now I’m perfectly fine. Read about what these five nutritious elements are that we must incorporate in our diet..Close-up of a woman eating healthy food. Continue reading 5 Essential Nutritious Elements

6 Salt Alternatives

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Today I am here with a health related topic. My blog will feature both health and beauty contents. I know everyone is aware of the dangerous of eating excess salt but no one try to give it up unless they find themselves in danger. We add salt to our food to increase the taste of our food as no one would want to eat bland food but today I will tell you some kitchen ingredients that you can replace salt with. These alternatives will not fully substitute salt but increasing the quantity of these stuff will not only make your food tasty but will give you more additional benefits.

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