New In- Nail Paints (Maybelline, Revlon, Streetwear)

I recently picked a bunch of nail paints from 3 different brandsRevlon’s newly launched Parfumerie scented nail enamel, Maybelline Colorshow Glitter Mania and Streetwear Color Rich Nail Enamel.Nail Paints Haul Continue reading New In- Nail Paints (Maybelline, Revlon, Streetwear)

Zoeva Beauties: Luxola Haul

Hey Everyone,
So I’m back after a long break which my blog gave me unwantingly along with free headache, don’t even ask me the story!! I finally managed to resolve all my issues and I’m back to blogging again like before and very excited to share so much more posts with you all. Are you excited as well for my come back?Zoeva Brushes Continue reading Zoeva Beauties: Luxola Haul

Mini MAC Haul :)

My hero is pampering me before karvachauth by all means and he took me to a lil shopping spree where I bought stuffs from MAC, Sephora and some drugstore brands. Here is what I picked from MAC..Mini MAC Haul Continue reading Mini MAC Haul :)

Hubby’s Surprise Haul- Makeup

Hey Girls,

As I have already talked about the story of my hubby giving me surprise of cosmetics in my previous haul and that he failed in giving what I wanted! Check the previous haul Here. Still, I appreciate his efforts and kept few things in makeup he picked for me and picked some other stuffs which caught my attention in the store. The makeup brand that caught my attention in the store was- Streetwear! Oh, I so love the packaging and the products they have come up with! The products picked by my hubby are:Hubby's Surprise Haul Continue reading Hubby’s Surprise Haul- Makeup

Hubby’s Surprise Haul- Skincare

Hey Everyone,

So today’s haul was a surprise haul done by my hubby all by himself just to surprise me with the things I like and love using! The thing was that he went and bought some things for me which was mainly makeup- Colorbar lippies, nailpaints, illuminating lotion and many more. He just picked the shade without even seeing the colors, I know he must have picked them without seeing the shades as he don’t know much about makeup so he just picks whatever he sees in front of him just to make me happy. He bought all the stuffs alongwith the Colorbar box and gave me a surprise but I instead of being happy got frustrated seeing the bad shades he picked for me! Read the rest of the story below ;)Hubby's Surprise Haul Continue reading Hubby’s Surprise Haul- Skincare

Oriflame Products Haul

Hi Girls, :)

This is the most awaited haul post I wanted to do but the products took really long to finally reach me and moreover I didn’t get some of the products I badly needed because they were out of stock. Well, no worries, will order them the next month.Oriflame Products Haul Continue reading Oriflame Products Haul

Innisfree Products Haul

Innisfree products haul
Hi Girls,

You all might be aware that yesterday I was away from my blog for the whole day, the reason was that I went shopping and didn’t get a single minute of time to check out my blog. I shopped the whole day and bought lots of products but for now I’ll be sharing only my Innisfree products haul.

Innisfree Products Haul

Continue reading Innisfree Products Haul

Winter Products Haul

Hello Girls!!

I haven’t yet done any haul post on my blog, so it’s time for some haul which is for winter products. As you all know winters have approached and so has my shopping started for products that can help me battle my extremely dry skin. Skin on my body is not that dry as my face skin is. Lets see what I have got in my haul..

Haul Continue reading Winter Products Haul