Handbag Essentials: What You Should Keep In Your Handbag

Hi Girls,

Handbag Essentials (2)

You all carry a bag everyday with you wherever you go but think: Are you carrying all the essential stuffs in your handbag? Today I’ll be sharing some of those essentials which every girl should keep in her handbag while moving out of the house!

Handbag Essentials:

1. Kohl/Kajal: If you love using kajal on your waterline, keep a kajal handy in your bag for doing touch ups. If your kajal has smudged/faded in the middle of the day, do touch-ups by lining your waterline with kajal and if you want more of a dramatic look, line your upper lash line and smudge it with your hands to get a smokey eye effect without having to use an eye shadow and a brush!

2. Compact: A compact is very essential in any girl’s handbag! Compact soaks excess oil, refreshes makeup and gives an instant brighter/fresher look.

3. Wet Tissues: Keep a small packet of wet tissues in your handbag while travelling! You can clean your face with wet tissues and start your makeup again while long distance travelling. When I went on a tour to Kashmir with my family, wet tissues were like my saviour! I used to clean my face with wet tissue and then use sunscreen for maximum sun protection as higher we get (on mountains), the harmful the sun rays get! Wet tissues can also be used to clean hands if you don’t have a sanitizer handy!

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4. Hair Brush/Comb: You all know how handy a comb can be for you, rigjt? You can tame your tresses whenever you want by running a comb through them. Keep a small comb or brush in your bag that won’t reserve much space!

5. Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer is a must in any handbag and is a staple product in my handbag. Santiizer is good from hygiene purpose and I make sure to use it before eating anything coz I’m a hygiene freak!

6. Safety Pin: You should keep a safety pin handy with you all the time coz you never know when you may need it. It can save you from a lot of embarrassing moments like fixing your broken footwear, broken purse string, dress, etc.

7. Paper Soap: Paper soap is quite useful when you are going somewhere and you don’t find a hand wash there, just take out the paper soap from your bag and wash your hands with it, easy peasy!

Handbag Essentials (2)8. Mouth Freshener/ Breath Mints: It’s so embarrassing when your mouth smells and someone points it out! So it’s always wise to carry some mint gums like centre fresh type gums or a mouth freshener with you in your bag and chew the gum or spray the freshener before meeting anyone so that your mouth doesn’t smell!

9. Hand Mirror: If your compact has a mirror then no need to carry a separate mirror but if your compact doesn’t have it then it’s better to carry a separate mirror coz mirror is very useful for touching up your makeup!

10. Lip Gloss/Tinted Lip Balm: You should keep either of these in your handbag. A lip balm helps keep lips moisturized and hydrated, adds a sheer touch of color if it’s tinted and protects your lips from sun if it has got SPF! Make sure to keep a lip balm with SPF while travelling for extra protection! A lip gloss adds some color to the lips giving your face a fresh look!

11. Blotting Paper: If your skin is oily and turns in an oil pan often then oil absorbing sheets or blotting paper should be must in your handbag. You try wiping your face with paper towel/handkerchief but you still see oil on your face, then there is no better way than investing in oil blotting sheets, just press one blotting paper on your face and you’ll see all your face’s oil on the blotting paper and your face would be again matte and fresh!

12. Blush (Optional): This is just optional and depends on your preference but I like to carry a mini blush with me on a long distance travel so that I can add a sheer touch of color to my cheeks when I get off the car before reaching my destination and I look presentable with a fresh look.

13. Sunscreen: You know how important it is to carry a sunscreen with you all the time and you may also know the rule of applying sunscreen after every 2-3 hours and so your bag must have a sample sized sunscreen everytime you leave the house so that you can re-apply it often throughout the day and keep yourself protected from those harsh sun rays!

14. ATM/Debit Card: You should keep debit card with you so that you can make transaction whenever you want from anywhere!

15. Hair Accessories: Carry few bobby pins, hair ties, clutcher to tie back your hair when you want your hair to stay away from your face.

16. Healthy Snack: You should keep some sort of healthy snack in your handbag. I like to keep one seasonal fruit, some nuts, granola bar and some market bought healthy snacks.

I’ll be soon coming up with my handbag essentials as someone asked me few days back what’s in my bag so will share my handbag essentials too.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading this post, let me know if I missed any other handbag essential!

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56 Responses to “Handbag Essentials: What You Should Keep In Your Handbag”

  1. mily says:

    ALL the above things + some thousand other things i carry in my handbag..even if i get stranded on an island for a week…i will survive!

  2. Aditi says:

    great post love :) apart from cash/credit cards, my handbag always has lip balm, hankies and mint :D rest of the contents vary depending on how much time i had before i had to get out of the door.. im always running late! :D

  3. Gowthami says:

    Oh nice compilation dear! :) I miss few from here..

  4. Great post dear.. I totally agree all these are must havess.. :D :D
    I would include a book too.. ;)

  5. Vaishu says:

    Oh wow.. :-)) thanks for sharing and yes that is really amazing.. :-D its good to carry come cash, pen and pocket note, and a set of earings as am prone to lose my earings :( a pocket perfume, mini moisturizer for extremely dry skin, a headache tablet or balm, a waterpouch or bottle, driving licnc.. on a long trips i ll take my first aid box, and almost all d products i use at home.. :blush:

    Good note on bobby pins and safety pins.. i keep on losing them easily so gotta chk it daily.. :lashes: just loved d review.. i ll need to carry some snacks along with chocolates then.. :laugh: my kajal stays so long so i dont take that often..

    • Arzoo says:

      Glad you liked it Vaishu, I had you in mind while writing this post and thanks for sharing some more essentials too :D

      • Vaishu says:

        Aww thats soo sweet of you and am honoured! :kissed: thanks and welcome :-))

        • Vaishu says:

          Man.. i ve completely forgot mom always keeps a axe multiblade inclding all stuff frm knife to bottle opener in my bag for safety purpose.. well thought i shd infrm it to d other girls too.. :) no wonder v girls fancy big handbags.. :-D jst a few points to ur awesm compilation :-))

  6. srinjla says:

    great post…agree with all must have goodies :)

  7. pragya says:

    loveeeeee reading this babes… I so miss out on safety pins!! and snacks too :P

  8. Rashmi says:

    And here I was thinking I over do it :P Evry1 is the same!

  9. Raji says:

    I carry every thing mentioned here plus i also carry a tiny vial of perfume or mist, nail file, pocket diary and a pen. :) Nice compilation

  10. Fatima says:

    Great compilation aarzoo..
    Will be waiting for your handbag essentials..

  11. Radha says:

    Wow very interesting post Arzoo, loved it very much :)

  12. Manasi says:

    Agreed!! They are my essentials as well :)

  13. Nice interesting post!
    I agree too! All are quite imp! :)

  14. I better reorganize my bag after reading this.. very nice post Arzoo :-D

  15. Arshita says:

    Lovely post, these are really essential for handbag. :-D I always keep almost everything you mentioned here. :-)) :yes:

  16. These are really essential dear good that you included the safety pins too

  17. Somdatta says:

    Apart from the usual purse and mobile phone, i generally carry a small comb, a tinted lip balm and a face powder. Safety pins and a small bottle of sanitizer , a small pack of tissues and a small packet of sugar free mint chewing gum. And I am totally lost when I actually need them :P …great post sweets! lovely compilation :)

  18. Rashmi says:

    Lovely post dear…I carry most of these in my handbag…..:-)

  19. Aditi says:

    Very interesting post… I wonder how people survive on small handbags,I carry huge ones n still they are packed!!!

  20. laks says:

    almost ditto list :-D

  21. tejinder says:

    lovely post n useful too…

  22. Arpita♥ says:

    Loved the idea! Hand sanitizer is a must, must have for me :)

  23. Esha says:

    I carry most of the things from this list, nice compilation dear :)

  24. Simera says:

    This is one of my favorite posts from you hun. I totally agree with keeping a few pins in your purse you never know when you will need them.

  25. Naomi says:

    Great post Arzoo, so thought upon and well written! You have kept in mind each and every thing a girl must carry :)

  26. Shreya says:

    What a great read ! All the things mentioned above are so important …thanks for sharing will surely forward it to my friends :-*

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