Toni & Guy Volume Pumping Whip Review

Toni & Guy Volume Pumping Whip Review
Hey Everyone,

Today I would be reviewing Toni & Guy Volume Pumping Whip. I love using hair masks once a week to deep condition my hair and it’s been long since I reviewed a hair mask on the blog. It’s just because I have been neglecting hair masks in my hair care routine these days. But now, I’m trying to be consistent with hair masks in my routine!

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Masks For Soft, Smooth and Shiny Hair

Hey Everyone!!

Today I thought of sharing some treatment with which you can get soft, smooth and shiny hair easily at home. These are the tried and tested remedies to get healthy hair. I have tried some and definitely felt the results with just one usage. Continue reading more about these hair treatment masks..

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L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Straight Masque Review

I have reviewed the Loreal X-Tenso Straight Shampoo earlier and now it’s time to do a review on Loreal hair masque. Hair stylist always recommends these products without even knowing the after effects. I bought it on my hair stylist’s suggestion and ended up nowhere. At least we make better choice than them because we are more aware of products nowadays. Read the review to know how it worked for me..

Picture 083

Price & Quantity: 600 for 200 ml/196 g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description:

X-Tenso care intense nutri-reconstructor masque with anti-breakage and anti-dryness action, deeply nourishes, softens and reinforces hair fibre to optimize the result of straightening or relaxing process of  X-Tenso Moisturist.

Technology: Pro-keratin + Incell: a fusion of two reconstructive technologies for the hair, that brings amino acids and lipids, essential components of the fibre. Associated with botanical extract, the formula recharges depleted moisture levels and controls volume.

Result: Hair is as if rebuild, deeply nourished, with controlled volume.

Directions for Use: Apply on clean towel dried hair. Gently massage from lengths to tips. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


My Experience with L’Oreal X-Tenso Care Masque:

I didn’t have a great experience with this masque. Its texture is quite thick and sticky which I really don’t like. I like conditioners with flowy consistency (the one which distributes easily on hair) and this one in my opinion does not have any quality of a masque. Its just a fragranced white thick stuff which does not do anything great for hair. I bought this along with my L’oreal shampoo because I have a habit of using shampoo and conditioner from the same brand. I liked the shampoo but this masque is not worth it.

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Picture 101


  • Softens hair to an extent. Didn’t make a great difference.
  • Nice packaging, I like masques in a tub which are easy to use.
  • Only a small amount is required for one time usage.
  • Nice fragrance that stays on for long.


  • Not worth it’s cost.
  • Very expensive.
  • Didn’t do anything for my hair.

BML Rating: 2/5