Great Uses of Vaseline

Great Uses of Vaseline- Part 2

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This is the second part of my first post on my blog. I know the first part was not written that good but this is how I am learning from my mistakes. You can check out the first part HERE. Talking about Vaseline, it saves you a tons of products because it’s so versatile and has endless uses. It can substitute many products like eye brow gel, makeup remover, skin softener, shoe polish, etc.

Great Uses of VaselineLet’s get started..

1. Apply vaseline on your wrist and then spray a little bit of perfume or body spray on it to make it last much longer.

2. Make a DIY blush with vaseline. Get your favorite lipstick, apply some on top of your hand and mix it with vaseline.. Voila!! you have your very own DIY blush. Try it and see how the blush comes out.

3. Vaseline acts as a brow gel so tame your eyebrows with it when your eyebrows are not setting.

4. Vaseline heals and protects new tattoo. When you get a tattoo done, rub vaseline on it twice a day.

5. Want to add some shine to your shoes, rub a little bit of vaseline on your shoes and your shoes won’t need polish to shine.

6. It helps heal cosmetic procedures.

7. Apply it after shaving and it will smooth your skin like baby’s skin.

8. Vaseline is a great cuticle massager. Massage it on your cuticles to add shine to them.

9. If you want glossy looking eyelashes, apply a little bit of vaseline to make them shine.

10. Use it on your forehead and ears when dying your hair to prevent your skin from getting any color.

11. If your makeup spills on your clothes, just whip some vaseline on it and the makeup stain will remove.

12. Apply a lot of vaseline before taking flights, it will hep with skin dryness caused by the air.

13. Want to take off your fake eyelashes, apply a bit of vaseline on your lashes to remove them easily.

14. Have trouble putting your earring!! Just apply a little bit of vaseline on your ears, your earring will be like in and out. Same applies with your ring, if your ring troubles to come out, put some vaseline and see the magic..

15. And the last and most common use of vaseline is.. put it on your lips for getting soft lips. It can even be used with few drops of lemon juice before going to bed to prevent lip pigmentation.

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