Get Pink Lips Naturally: 3 Easy DIYs

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Today I’m going to share with you three easy diys which you can easily do at home. These diys are great for treating pigmented lips and helps in getting pink lips naturally over time. I know I don’t do much diys now *lazy me* but I’ll be soon coming up with lot’s of exciting diys for you all :D

Get Pink Lips Naturally1. Turmeric Lip Mask:

This remedy is most suitable for highly pigmented lips or dark lips. Take a small bowl, mix a tsp of turmeric and lemon juice. You can store this mixture in a closed jar for up to a week and use it twice daily or once daily if you are out of time. Apply it on your lips massaging the area with the mixture and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and apply a lip balm. This works great in removing pigmentation. You can also mix raw milk if you like but if you mix raw milk, it can’t be stored for long so prepare a fresh batch every time if you are mixing milk in it.

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2. Rose Water Lip Moisturizer:

This diy involves 3 ingredients which are easily available in your home. Mix 1 tsp glycerin, 1 tsp rose water and half a tsp lemon juice, increase the quantity if you are making a batch for a week or two as it can be stored for up to a week or two. Use this mixture as and when you want but use it preferably before going to bed. This will gradually lighten your lips and get you pink lips in no time but be consistent with it and use it continuously for a month if you want pink rosy lips. This one personally is my favorite as it has really helped me in getting one-two shade lighter lips in a month but that’s because I didn’t have any major pigmentation issue on my lips. If you have severely pigmented lips, it may take more than a month to show results. So you have to be patient and consistent with these diys if you want realistic results and not miracles happening overnight.

3. Mustard Oil Lip Scrub:

Mix one tsp of milk (raw milk), one tsp of sugar (ground) and one tsp of mustard oil. Stir this mixture well. Use it with a soft bristle toothbrush, use an old one as mustard oil can stain your brush or use it with your hands if you don’t have any old toothbrush. Exfoliate gently with this mixture, wipe it off with wet cotton pad and use a lip balm as a last step to moisturize your lips and seal in moisture.

Hope this article helps you in treating pigmentation and get you pink lips. Do share your thoughts on the diys, I was planning to show you the pics of all the mentioned diy but I ran out of time and couldn’t take any pic. I have had an amazing experience with the second diy, it has really lighten my lips and is also great for lightening acne scars and pigmentation so you can prepare it for your face too. You can either incorporate either of these diys or follow all three together to get maximum results. But be consistent for a month if you really want to see some results. Any diy request, leave them in the comments below!!

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