Big Blast News!!

Hey Everyone,

So you all know I was missing from my blog all these days and I got so many mails and messages asking me where I was! That’s so sweet of you all! At least you all missed me and care for me so much, your messages showed your love for me :) So the big and dhamake daar news iss……………………

Wedding pic

The good news is that my roka was fixed with my beau on 10th of April which I told about to only few of my friends as I wanted to surprise you all with the pics but then that good news turned into a more amazing blasting news and that is my in-laws said that they would take me home on the roka itself and they wanted me to get married on the date of roka. The short sidhi story is that I’m in my laws’ house now with my beau of 5-year-old relationship, it will be full 5 years this 21st April and one more funny thing is that I didn’t cry on my bidaai :D I was saying everyone dekhi hai aisi dulhan :P but then I have been crying since then missing my home a lot. So the marriage was done in a hurry and now we’ll be having a grand reception which thankfully has time for me to pamper myself and get myself some new things like lehenga, jewellery and all.

Will update soon with the pics of my wedding. ;) Till then take care and I will be back with my blog routine soon.

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    1. Hehe ya I know that’s quite shocking, I’m still in a shocking phase, thank you for your wishes dear, let’s see how the other side turns out for me :D

  1. I will always remember your anniversary as it’s my bday on 10th of april. :)

    wish u a very happy married life, enjoy this phase. :) Congrats dear :* :*

    1. Thanks a ton dear Saniya, hehe pampering myself a lot, my MIL is giving me milk two times a day and curd with every meal as I’m too thin and that too bournvita milk ;)

  2. Wow Congratulations my little angel :)
    But really, this came as a shocker. I should be gussa…u know that day…you didn’t even mention!! Its not called surprise…saamne wale ko heart attack bhi ho sakta hai!! OK?
    But really, this time you won it completely darling :)
    Lots of love and best wishes for you. God Bless :)
    Or haan – PARTY TO BANTI HAI !!

    1. Thanks a ton dear :) hehe ya I know, I’m still in a shocking phase dear and your gussa hona is laazmi but then you know na how it happened :/ heart attack really :o no re don’t take it this seriously, just bless me with your wishes and thanks a ton, party to bilkul banti hai, you gotta come here :) and then party pakka :heart:

  3. OMgee arzoo! I have been following you since a while now. This is big! Congrats ! I dated my guy for a grand 4 yrs before the shaai! Feels awesome no?? I wish you all the best for your future :) Pamper yourself to the fullest !! :*

    1. And me for 5 years ;) ya I know read your story today only ;) it feels so awesome sachi me, thank you for your wishes, fully pampering me :))

  4. what???????????????? did i just read you got married just like that?? the whole dresses and the thousand other details? wowwww Arzoo…you are like the coolest bride EVER!!!! I am so so happy and amazed at what just happend :P But i sincerely hope my guy whom i have been dating for 5 years too :P gives me some time to plan out everything..i have like a million things i just HAVE to do at my wedding…have been planning this for years :P Congratulations girl….bless you and your husband :D

    1. Ya Mily, you just read that I’m married :P ya I know I missed so many things :/ the coolest bride hehe everyone is like this only, the coolest bride, the sweetest and the smallest bride ;) you too dating someone for 5 years, that’s amazing yaar :) I too had so many things to plan before my wedding but then I’m happy that I’m finally with him :) thank you for your wishes :-*

  5. OOOOOhhhhhh MYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOODDD ARZOOOOOOOOO mujhe bhi aisi kismat chaiyee!!! wao U lucky girl!!!! congos baby doll U deserve all the happiness babes!!! I really wana see the pics!!

    1. May God give you aisi hi kismat ;) and you get only one day to prepare for your wedding :P thank you dear for all your sweet words, your words means a lot to me, you always uplift my mood with your comments :-* will share the pics soon :))

  6. OMG,!!!.. i cnt believe… but shld accept d truth …. :)….. Here, My Wishes … HAPPIEEEE MARRIED LIFE :) :) :-) :-) :-) :yes: :yes: … god bless yu :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    1. What is this phaloo phooloo :P thank you, I know you get idea of everything :P just relax now, I’m all good as you looked a lil worried with your messages and sorry didn’t get time to reply you :heart:

  7. Congratulations Arzoo… That’s a great news babe.. I feel really happy when lovers convert to husband and wife.. God bless you.. Heartfelt blessings for you and your man.. :) :) :-*

    1. Thanks a ton Sahiba :heart: sachi it’s always great to see when lovers meet forever and now when this happened with me, I’m on cloud 9 and thank God everytime :yes:

  8. OMG…this is a real surprise Arzoo….A very big CONGRATULATIONS to you darling….I am soooooooooooooooooooooo Happy for you…. :-)) :-)) ….I wish you a very happy and successful married life….many many congrats once again sweetie….abhi to meri party banti hai… :-D :-D …all the best and post the marriage pics soon…I can’t wait to see Arzoo THE BRIDE…. :-* :-*

    1. Hehe ya I know a big surprise ;) thanks a ton sweety for your wishes, party to definitely banti hai, bolo kaha chaiye party ;) will soon share the hurry bride Arzoo’s pics :P

  9. Wow!! This is such an awesome news.. Congrats darling.. You would have made a beautiful bride.. Waiting for the pics..this was a super duper surprise :) God bless you both!! Love you babe :*

  10. I knew it I knew it I knew it!!!! Congrats Arzoo dear :-* . Awaiting for couple pics and your wedding looks :-D :inlove: .

  11. Mann… i guessed this had something to do with ur marriage plans but never thought u would be married by now.. aww thats such a sweet news… :-* so miss. Arzoo sharma is now mrs. Arzo … :blush: a very very happy married life to u and ur beloved… :-)) tears would have been missed but the blushes? Ahem ahem, :-P wish u all happiness love and luck .. :-)) with alll love and prayers ♡

    1. Hehe ya I know you mailing me that is it my marriage :P and me not replying you till I revealed this news ;) ya Mrs. Arzoo now :) ya tears had stop in front of my happiness :inlove: of being with my love of 5 years, thanks a ton for your wishes, this means a lot to me :-* :-*

      1. Hahaha … U were soo preventive… aww thats so romantic… :blush: guess u r in cloud nine now :-D welcm dr… u deserve em all :-))

          1. Lipstick and eyemakeup? Could nt get u :( oh to present urself to d bestest? Am sure u ll b in ur best looks these days :blush:

              1. Hahahaa.. now u hv got a good reason for that.. yet u r beautiful the way u r.. try try.. :kissed: ur hubby n saas will getgood visual treat of their beautiful bride :)) and v r waiting for d wedding pics.. :blush:

                1. Ya my saas is like- bada grace sa aata hai iske face pe taiyar hoke ;) and my beau now hubby toh goes mad seeing me in dulhan avatar ;) he always wanted to see me in chura, wet hair and suit and his wish came true so soon :)

  12. :inlove: :inlove: Arzoooo!!! Congratulations my dear and wish you a long and happy married life.. :-* :-* I am sure you looked like an angel on the day even though you think you looked not so good (you are blind about your beauty)! and I am little bit angry also, mujhe bhi nei bataya!!! :shock: But, I am very very happy for you, and wish you the happiest time ever.. :heart: :rose: :-* :-*

    1. Thanks a ton my sweetest friend :-* kaha re angel, I feel I was looking very bad :( but I know you are always there to cheer me up and make me feel beautiful even though I’m not.
      I wanted to tell you but then wanted to give you a shock as well so thought to wait for the right time :D

  13. omg…chat mangani or pat bahaya just like me anyways congratulation sweetie i can’t believe u r married now …my choti si sweetest friend is married now…wish you a very very happy married life…lv u

    1. Hehe yehi sahi line hair, chat mangni pat bhaya, did you also got married this way? :yes: thanks a ton dear, have to learn so many things from you girls as how to manage married life so amazingly :yes:

  14. Wowwwwww thats a real glad news Arzoo… Congrats for the success of your love and your future :-) :-) :-* :-* :heart: :heart: :heart:

    1. Ya Bharati, kind of sweet they are and I love how my MIL calls me bacha, beta computer chalele itna me market hoke aati hu :D
      Thank you for your wishes :-*

  15. OMG! I was wondering where have you gone ?:-) and you have got married? so suddenly? this one seems to be a perfect Bollywood story..Wow babe, I cant wait to see your pics :) share them ASAP, I am so happy for you..many many congratulations, hope you get all the happiness you desire <3 <3 hugs and kisses :) fatafat se share the marriage pics girl! I am sure you must be looking fab :-* :-D

    1. Hehe ya I got married ek dum se, what to do, I’m still in a shocking phase. Will share the pics soon Jyo. Hehe not fab yaar, I was so insecure and scared :/ hope the pics come out good :)

  16. Ohh my gosh!!! u are married!! i used to chck the blog daily and i thot u have gone on vacations or something… congrats dear….

  17. yayyyy! My sweetie got married! I am so so so happy for you! My best wishes and love will always be with you , my doll! And you would be a wonderful wife! The best :D ….I so want to see your pics! :*

    1. Hehe yay I’m married now, shocked or surprised :P I told you it’s a big surprise :D I will share the pics soon sweety, wish I can be the best wife :-*

  18. Hey Arzoo Congrats yaar…. This has come as complete shocker… By pic i thought u got engaged…. but…. U R MARRIED…….. :laugh: Happy married life… :inlove: U will complete 5 years of togetherness on 21 april … and I will complete 2 years of Married life on 22 April…. and 10 years of togetherness…. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

    1. Hehe you are the only one who thought I’m engaged ;) but I actually got married :D it came as a shock to me as well :P Aww happy advance anniversary Yogita, may God bless you both and you share hundred years of togetherness :-* thanks a ton for your wishes :-*

  19. Wow…congratulations…it must have been a cloud 9 surprise for u… Happy married life.. Really most surprising marriage it is.. :inlove:

  20. Wow Arzoo many congratulations to you..I got married after 3 years of being in a relationship and all that mattered was being together. Enjoy this time to t e fullest.

  21. my blessings and wishes are coming in a little late dear….

    but still, my bestest wishes to you. It’s amazing to hear that you are married to the man you loved… Am eagerly waiting for your wedding pix. am sure u wud be looking awesome…

  22. I don’t know why….the blog was not opening..from my browser….it showed that the blog is removed..did this happened to anyone else ??

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