Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream Review

As soon a I heard that Avon has launched their first ever BB cream, I was like I want it no matter how :-P but within a few days. I knew placing the order and waiting for it to come would take so long and I don’t have patience to wait this long. Then with no other option left to get it as soon as I can, I ordered my beau to get it for me with strict orders to get it within 4-5 days. He contacted one sales man who keeps some Avon products and told him to get this BB cream and it arrived within 5-6 days. I like such fast and quick service. ;) So today, I’m reviewing the Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream. Move on to read more..

Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream ReviewPrice: Rs. 199, I got it for Rs. 180

Net Quantity: 18 g

Shelf Life: 3 years.

Product Claims:

Getting moisturized whiter looking skin has never been this easy! Formulated with moisturizing rose complex composed of rosehip, glycerin, and shea butter keeps skin feeling smooth and moisturized while making it look whiter, brighter and more radiant. Dermatologist-tested.

How to Use:

Apply a small pea-sized amount on index finger. Blend evenly using your fingers or sponge.


For external use only. When using this product, keep out of eyes. Use your usual cleanser to remove.

My Take on Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream:

Avon Simply Pretty BB cream comes in a small light pink colored tube with a white screw top lid. Upon opening the lid, there is a small thin nozzle with a hole from where the product will be squeezed out and it dispenses the right amount of product. The tube is light in weight and can be carried easily in makeup bag without reserving much space.

Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream ReviewIt has a mild faint smell which vanishes really fast and you won’t be able to feel the smell after few seconds. It does not have a soft texture, it’s rough kind of chalky and takes time to blend just like some fairness cream. I apply only a small blob of this BB cream and it makes me look ghostly and leaves white patches all over my face. It dries out my skin and aggravates the dry patches on my face. It does not give any coverage, just like some whitening effect on your own skin, so if you have marks, dark circles and other flaws, this BB cream does not cover anything, it just sits on the face like some white paint. :-P

Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream SwatchI’m really disappointed with this cream and it’s just like another Glam Up which is just a whitening cream and does not do anything. This BB cream is a shame on the name of BB creams, it does not have SPF, does not moisturize skin, does not cover up any flaws nor does it give any coverage. Above all the tube is so small which is not the issue but the product in it is just 40%, 60% of the tube is empty. :-X I regret purchasing this BB cream and I didn’t expect it to be so cheap and useless.

Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream Swatch

Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream SwatchesPros of Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Various shades available.
  • Gives a whitening effect.
  • Easy to carry tube.

Cons of Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream:

  • Dries out my skin.
  • Sets into fine lines and dry patches.
  • Does not give any kind of coverage.
  • Does not contain SPF.
  • Very rough texture, kind of chalky.
  • Does not blend.
  • Makes me look like a white clown.
  • Ingredient list is missing.
  • Not easily available.
  • Does not have any features of BB cream.

SP&H Rating: 1.5/5

Do I Recommend Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream:

Do you think I do by reading all the cons and the bad experience I had with it. :quiet:

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20 Responses to “Avon Simply Pretty BB Cream Review”

  1. Arpita♥ says:

    Lovely review and piccys Arzoo! I am totally skipping this…Such a great DUD!

  2. Gowthami says:

    Awww!! Bummer :( Great review dear ^_^

  3. Esha says:

    He he..fast and quick service.. :D :D but what a dud.. :shock:

  4. sugandha says:

    None of the BB creams seem to be doing what they claim to be doing, but this one seems to fail miserably. Nice detailed review.

  5. when i saw it in the catalogue and what was written i knew it was worth a skip… anyhow thanks for the review.. nahi chahiye :-P :-P

  6. Megha says:

    The name of the cream matches ur blog name.
    Uhhh more cons than pros. Indeed a dud :(

  7. Simera says:

    Thanks for your honest review. I’m definitely skipping this product.

  8. Vipra S says:

    Another Dud BB cream :( – I found it cute in packaging term which really excited me but turns out to be such a Dud .. Nicely reviewed girl :)

  9. rachna says:

    looks whitish and when i saw ur first pic i was like u watermark the tube with simply pretty and than i saw the title lolz!

  10. awwww what a lousy product..!!! but great review dear, such info helps to stay away from such lame stuff. Thanks for sharing :-)

  11. Mayuri says:

    such a dud!! :( will definitely skip.. thanks for the review :)

  12. Heena C says:

    Such a dud…Most of these whitening products dry out the skin and gives a bad whitecast.Will definitely stay away from this, thanks for the review dear.

  13. Krithi says:

    aww …thank u for saving the money :)

  14. tejinder says:

    Great review. .but I love the packaging. ..better skip this one..

  15. Amani Zaara says:

    Thnk god u saved me, I was planning to check dis out..

  16. Gayatri says:

    Chalkyyy, rough… OMG. Even if I adjust with these, it’s nt going to blend. :O I’ve really small skin pores nd so I prefer easily blendable products only. Thanks for sharing this dear. I’ll skip this one. :)

  17. Sangeeta says:

    Sounds like a complete waste of money.

  18. HINA says:


  19. Manisha says:

    Nice honest review. Totally skipping out this one

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