Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner Review

Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner ReviewAvon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner Review Price: Rs. 199 for 200 ml, got it for Rs. 159

Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description:

Specially formulated for long hair, this deep moisturizing conditioner nourishes and protects hair from roots to ends to keep it looking beautiful. With regular use, hair becomes stronger and more resilient. Hair is instantly easier to comb, for significantly less breakage and fewer split ends. Helps detangle and smooth even the most unruly strands. Leaves hair looking soft, sleek and shiny.

How to use:

Apply to wet hair after shampooing. Leave in for up to 1 minute. Rinse.


Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner IngredientsMy Take on Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner:

This conditioner comes in a same grey bottle as all other shampoos & conditioners from Avon, too boring packaging! I wonder when will Avon pay some attention to their hair care products’ packaging. Well, the packaging is not a problem at all, as it comes in an easy to use bottle with a flip open cap but for me the packaging is too boring and old. Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner ReviewThe fragrance of this conditioner is really pleasant, can’t make out what it smells like though! The consistency of this conditioner is neither too thick nor too runny, just in the middle but it spreads easily on hair. One thing that I don’t like about it is that it has somewhat foamy texture, I mean no conditioner has foamy texture and spreads as a cream then what must be in this conditioner that it spreads onto hair leaving some foamy residue behind. I doubt, what must be in it that it doesn’t behave totally creamy!! :heh: Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner SwatchComing to its efficiency, it works quite good as a conditioner. It gives soft and smooth hair and adds a nice bounce to hair unlike some conditioners which makes hair limp and flat. It spreads and rinses off easily without any hassle. It even makes hair shiny. That’s it, I think this is my last product from Avon hair care range and I had been purchasing them for review purpose and I have covered either the conditioner or shampoo from Avon hair care range. If you want to know about any product from Avon hair care range, look up for my reviews and you’ll find either the shampoo, leave in treatment or conditioner review and decide upon that basis, if I have posted good reviews about the shampoo then the conditioner from that range would also be good and if I have posted not so good reviews then the other product would also be not that good.

Pros of Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner:

  • Makes hair soft and smooth.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Adds a nice bounce to hair.
  • Makes hair shiny.
  • Convenient and travel friendly packaging though I got bore seeing this grey colored bottle of every product from Avon hair care range.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Definitely the claim “hair is instantly easier to comb” is true, hair feels so soft and manageable after using this that I don’t even feel the need to comb to detangle my hair, my hand does the job.
  • Spreads and rinses off easily.

Cons of Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner:

  • Foamy texture in a conditioner is giving me doubts.
  • Not easily available.
  • I demand Avon to change the packaging of their hair care range soon as it’s too boring to see only grey colored bottle of whatever shampoo or conditioner I buy.
  • Don’t know why it is meant only for medium to long hair, I feel it can be used by all hair lengths :p

BML Rating: 4.3/5

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35 Responses to “Avon Advance Techniques Long and Beautiful Conditioner Review”

  1. Gowthami says:

    Beautiful review dear!! I have to try avon but I couldn find in chennai.. will search soon…

  2. Strange that they have mentioned Medium to long hair. I also believe Avon should do away with their packaging which has become so boring now. . :)

  3. Lovely review dear.. and for the time I am reading this.. condtioner depends on hair length.. ;) Lollzz.. Avon is crazy smtimes.. bTW the conditioner looks nice.. ;)

  4. Jasmine says:

    nicely reviewed :)

  5. tejinder says:

    Great review…I haven’t used Avon shampoo’s n conditioner. .

  6. Swati Chinky says:

    Lol :P The length factor :P :P
    Nice review dear <3

  7. Seems nice yaar…I am so tempted to try Avon products, thx to you but I cant find any Avon exec yet :/ nwy, lovely review :) <3

  8. Somdatta says:

    Seems to be a nice product! Good hair products are hard to find which continues to be good for your hair in the long run :) Very nice post Arzoo! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Charu Sharma says:

    great review honey :) I can try this as I have medium to long hair type :-P

  10. Esha says:

    I wish these were available more easily, you must have a roomful of these :D :D

  11. Megha says:

    I am yet to find Avon. This sounds good!

  12. Rashmi says:

    Great review dear..:-)..never tried this one…but i guess will try soon..;-)

  13. iswarya says:

    Good review..seems like a decent product….i agree the packaging is boring

  14. Mayuri says:

    hehe.. for medium to long hair.. :P i think it will definitely work on my medium length hair :D haha.. nice review dear.. i have never tried Avon skincare and haircare products.

  15. Richa Saxena says:

    Lovely Review Arzoo! Yea..The grey packaging is quite boring but it looks like a great conditioner otherwise :)

  16. Manisha says:

    Nice review. conditioner for medium/long hair sounds funny. Yes and the foaming conditioner does sound fishy

  17. Lisha says:

    he he meant for medium to long hair part is funny :p I tried their conditioner once and i quite liked it <3 This sounds pretty good too!

  18. i have tried the shampoo.. not the conditioner was ok ok for me..
    yeah they mst change the packaging.. hi 5 :laugh: :-P

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